Procido LLP is delighted to welcome Rohi Rasa as a Volunteer at our firm. Procido LLP believes organizations with different types of people, diverse skillsets, and distinct perspectives and personalities provide better advice. Diversity facilitates the ability of advisors to be resilient to change and impart such resiliency to clients. Diversity allows Procido LLP advisors to examine problems from different perspectives to propose solutions our clients may not have realized were possible. We learn faster and we learn more by having different experiences and being open to different views.

Rohi was formerly a Crown Prosecutor at the Attorney General Office of Afghanistan. She completed her bachelor’s degree in law and master’s degree in criminal law and criminology at Kabul University of Afghanistan. Rohi has also completed the following legal training programs:

  • the Attorney Internship Program ‌organized by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID);
  • Legal Writing Program organized by the Asia Foundation;
  • Defense Advocacy Skills Program provided by Maiwand Khawar Law Firm;
  • Money Laundering Training Program organized by International Development Law Organization (IDLO);
  • Public Assets Defense Guidance Program by the Ministry Justice of Afghanistan;
  • Anti-corruption Program by the Justice Center for Combating Serious Crimes of Corruption;
  • International Asset Recovery Program established by the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) and the ARIN network;
  • Tracking, Seizure and Recovery of Proceeds of Crime Program organized by the International Criminal Police Organization (Interpol);
  • Financial Intelligence Program organized by European Union (EU).

Since the presence of women in the judicial sector was low, Rohi became interested and decided to work in the judicial sector. After graduating from Kabul University, she learned the USAID conducts a public exam to recruit women in the Attorney General Office of Afghanistan. More than three thousand women from all over Afghanistan participated in this exam and about two hundred of them passed the test: Rohi was one of them.

This program was for one year after which another test was given by the Attorney General Office of Afghanistan. Rohi was able to pass this exam and be appointed as a Crown Prosecutor in the Attorney General Office of Afghanistan.

Rohi was hired as a Crown Prosecutor in 2017 to investigate corruption crimes including bribery, embezzlement, abuse of position, forgery, treachery, etc. Her responsibilities also included leading investigations and prosecuting lawsuits in Kabul, Afghanistan.

During her time as the Crown Prosecutor, Rohi was honored by the Attorney General for several achievements. In 2020, she was promoted as Officer of the Illegal Assets Recovery Office of Afghanistan. For further information please visit:

At the Illegal Assets Recovery Office, she was responsible for investigating the assets of criminals and suspects. During her first year, she successfully investigated more than 20 cases, and confiscated many assets.

Rohi believes Afghanistan is a country where there are many restrictions, especially for women. Even though she faced many restrictions and gender discrimination, she was able to gain a position for herself by working hard and not giving up.

With the fall of the Afghanistan government and takeover by the Taliban, as a women prosecutor all her achievements and efforts were lost. She no longer had the right to work. She also feared for her life because of all the cases she investigated. She received many threatening calls and messages from numerous criminals.

She decided to leave Afghanistan and go to Pakistan. After a few months she was able to come to Canada with the support of the Nest Saskatoon organization. Nest Saskatoon is a volunteer group that supports refugee settlement in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.

She is excited to start her new life in Canada and wants to continue to work in the legal profession and get to know the legal and judicial system of Canada. She is willing to work hard to regain her position in Canada as a lawyer or prosecutor.

One of the Nest members, Fraiba Jalal, a prominent lawyer in Saskatoon, introduced Rohi to Chad Eggerman, who is a partner in Procido LLP.  Procido LLP met Rohi and were impressed by her achievements and experiences in Afghanistan and they gave Rohi a chance to work with them and start her legal journey.

She is now volunteering at Procido LLP. This is a great opportunity for Rohi to be introduced to the legal system in Saskatchewan and Canada and for the firm to learn more about Afghanistan and the legal system there.

She is grateful to Procido LLP for welcoming her to be a part of their team and the firm looks forward to continuing to work together and develop the relationship. Procido LLP is equally grateful to Rohi for choosing our firm to volunteer at and sharing her views with the firm and firm clients – diversity perspectives build strength and provide organizational resiliency.

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