Iffat Ritter joins the team at Procido LLP as Senior Counsel Providing Innovative Workplace Investigation, Legal Coaching & Resolution-Based Family Law Services

Workplace Investigation. Iffat’s primary area of innovative practice is in conducting workplace investigations for private enterprises, municipalities, government bodies, law enforcement bodies, and unions. A workplace investigator assists when issues or complaints arise in the workplace between employees, between employers and employees, or between employees and third parties such as clients. She conducts workplace investigations in the following areas: (1) Discrimination (e.g. ethnic origin, sex, colour, race, religion, sexual orientation, etc.), (2) Harassment (e.g. sexual harassment, cyber bullying, offensive communications, etc.), and (3) Regulatory Compliance (e.g. breaches of government or internal regulations and/or policies).  

Legal Coaching. Iffat’s secondary area of innovative practice is in the provision of legal coaching services. Given the rising costs of litigation, many people are choosing to represent themselves in court matters. A legal coach provides a self represented party with many resources to assist them in their litigation journey. Iffat is a certified legal coach and provides assistance to people who represent themselves in court.

Resolution-based Family Law Services. Iffat also provides innovative Resolution-based Family Law services such as meditation and acting as a Parenting Coordinator. Iffat is a certified Mediator and certified Parenting Coordinator and listed on the Government of Saskatchewan’s list of qualified Mediators and Parenting Coordinators. Traditional family law services Iffat also provides include the negotiation and drafting of: Prenuptial Agreements, Cohabitation Agreements, Separation Agreements, Parenting Agreements, and Child Support Agreements.

Iffat also continues to act for clients in the traditional practice areas of Wills and Estates and Real Estate.

Procido LLP is thrilled to add another highly esteemed and experienced senior practitioner to our team providing both internal mentorship and innovative legal services to our current and future clients.

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