Procido LLP requires existing members of the firm to take steps from the outset to integrate laterals – we are not, and will not be, a firm with two distinct groups of lawyers – “lifers” and “laterals” – we are all Procido, whether a founder, consultant, Associate, or a Partner joining us from another firm. Laterals are expected to bring their contacts and clients into the firm, but we can make a promise to you that we will uphold our end of the bargain and immediately connect you into our firm to advise existing firm clients.

We are happy to meet with potential lateral hires and work together to prepare a Procido Integration Plan (PIP) which details potential workflow into the firm and potential workflow from the firm to the lateral. Each lateral joining Procido LLP has a finalized PIP which acts as the initial roadmap for workflow in order to provide for a swift and smooth integration into the firm.


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