Our firm will rely on a Chief Operating Officer (COO) to manage the day-to-day affairs of the firm and build Procido LLP and lead our organization into the future. The future is a bold new one and our COO focuses on many important things, but among them are:

  1. Our COO is at the helm of our ship and directs us forward. The COO prioritizes tasks which need to be completed internally within the firm.
  2. After tasks are defined, the COO tracks progress of these tasks and ensures these task are completed when they are supposed to be completed.
  3. The COO ensures everyone at Procido LLP has the appropriate physical resources like mobile phones and laptops.
  4. The COO ensures all of the cloud-based subscriptions like document management systems, account, and billing software, online research databases for caselaw, contract templates, and form precedents are paid up and function properly.
  5. The COO is also responsible to recruit and manage whatever human resources the COO deems are required to meet Procido’s ambitious plan for growth. The COO is the pilot on  the Procido rocket ship.
  6. The COO coordinates and leads monthly all-firm meetings, including defining the Agenda.
  7. The COO is the first point of contact for all lawyers when there is a challenge – and challenges always arise and our COO is truly a jack of all trades in addressing any challenge in our firm.
  8. Our COO is also required to regularly speak publicly to newcomers, women, Indigenous peoples, LGBTQ+ and others outside the mainstream about what it means to be a leader, how to become a leader, and why real leadership requires decency and goodness instead of harsh discipline and disrespectful communication methods.


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