The choice is yours. In order to manage expenses, we just ask each lawyer and staff member to specify what type of working arrangement they will be following – remote, in-office, hybrid, double-time, part-time, Structured Team member, or a combination. We encourage lawyers and staff to try the different work arrangements to find the model that best suits them. We will tailor a specific plan based on the selected way of working, because of course we are all diverse people with different responsibilities and life paths we are on.
We fully support all members of the firm working according to any one of the following models:
  • We support members of the firm working entirely remotely on a full-time permanent basis. To accommodate fully remote work, we develop a Remote Work Plan for members to put in place processes to ensure you meet the goals we jointly define.
  • For lawyers working fully remotely, you must be a member in good standing of either the Law Society of Saskatchewan, Law Society of Alberta, or the Law Society of Ontario.
  • Remote firm members will still be required to travel to Saskatoon for certain group meetings and all-firm functions.
  • If you are located in Northern Canada in an Indigenous community and working remotely, Procido LLP will work together with you and your community to put in place the fastest and most reliable internet connection possible which could be satellite internet through Xplornet or Starlink. The firm will cover the cost of such satellite internet connections for those Indigenous members of the firm working remotely.
  • Procido LLP headquarters is in the historic Birks Building in the heart of bustling downtown Saskatoon and is one of downtown Saskatoon’s premier Heritage Buildings having been built in 1929.
  • The Procido LLP office has a non-gender separate locker room with a large bank of lockers which can be individually assigned to each firm member to store sports gear or other personal items.
  • The Procido LLP office has a non-gender specific shower right within the office for those biking to work or doing sports activities during the workday. Procido LLP encourages a healthy and balanced lifestyle including participating in physical activity throughout the workday.
  • The Birks Building has a large bike storage room within the building.
  • The Procido LLP office also has various meeting rooms including a large board room with video conferencing facilities. Our firm relies heavily on MS Teams for our preferred form of communication – electronic video conferencing.
  • The Procido LLP office has mixed workspaces – private offices, semi-private cubicles, and open plan workspaces as well as dedicated hot-desks that any firm member can use anytime it is available.
  • We are happy to welcome firm members to work out of our office on a permanent full-time basis if that is how you are most productive.
  • Will you be more productive working from home some days, but want to meet with your colleagues face-to-face in the office other days to work through complex problems? The hybrid solution might be best suited for you.
  • For those on the hybrid option, we are estimating that approximately 50% of your time will be spent in the office and 50% of your time will be working from home.
Double Time:
  • Are you fresh out of law school and eager to learn as much as you possibility can? Are you prepared to fully commit most of your time to work? Do you have limited responsibilities outside work? Is your primary goal right now to work instead of spend time in different pursuits outside work?
  • Contact us today to discuss a Double Time Plan which meets your expectations and preserves your mental health, well-being, and prevents burn-out in the future.
Part Time:
  • Do you have one or more young children or aging relatives you have primary responsibility to take care of? Do you have another unrelated business you own or manage?
  • We hire part-time lawyers and would be happy to hear from you to put in place a Part Time Plan that works for you.
Structured Team Member:
  • Maybe working on a full-time permanent basis is not what you aspire to do. At Procido LLP we understand lawyers (and our clients) have personal lives, other jobs, and multiple obligations. We are happy to accommodate contract lawyers who want to work on a temporary basis only on particular projects or transactions they wish to work on at a time they want to work.
  • To be included on our Structured Teams Roster, we are generally seeking lawyers fully qualified in any Canadian jurisdiction with a minimum of 3 years post-articling experience and preferably a focus in a particular industry or practice area and ideally with some experience in project development and/or project development – but we’re open to hear from all those interested. 
  • Structured Team members can work from our Saskatoon, Calgary, or Toronto offices, from home or a home office remotely, a combination of remote and in-office and sometimes at a client’s office – depending on the particular project or transaction.
  • We maintain our Structured Teams Roster of a limited number of contract lawyers at any time. Therefore it is necessary to qualify to be added to our Structured Teams Roster. We continually add and remove contract lawyers from our Structured Teams Roster, so feel free to contact us anytime. Please submit your qualifications to, which we will review and may contact you for an interview or additional references.
  • Structured Team members will typically work for a client on a particular project or transaction which has a set start date and end date – which can vary from a few hours of work to many months.
  • Whether you are a busy single mother or avid global traveller, if you have the right qualifications and experience we want to hear from you. 
  • If you are a client interested in accessing legal capability from our prestigious Structured Teams Roster, please contact us for further details.

The choice is yours – remember change is the only constant.


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