For example, if you are structuring a major project and you know that will take at least 3 months but no more than 6 months, we can provide you with fixed monthly fee you can pay until the project is structured and all project agreements complete. If that takes 9 months – that’s fine with us – we typically allow clients to utilize the fixed monthly fee arrangement for up to 12 months. This allows project owners and developers to have certainty on what it will cost to structure a project and execute all project agreements.

The fixed monthly fee arrangement is also attractive to small-mid sized businesses with a few different types of legal services required over the course of a year. We can determine what the average amount of legal services required might be over the course of a year and then amortize that out over 12 months. The advantage of this for small-mid sized businesses is that if a large chunk of legal work is required over a month or two, you are not hit with a very large bill as you might be if you were just paying for legal services by the hour. In fixed monthly fee arrangements like this for small-mid sized businesses we typically do have a minimum number of months you have to pay. But this can be a great solution to budget and pay for legal services and still get the things done when you need them done.