Out with the old and in with the new. Many law firms in Canada trace their lineage backward 100 years; we prefer to look forward 25 years. While we have an aggressive growth strategy, we don’t believe that headcount equals expertise – we seek to recruit only the most talented and experienced lawyers. and support staff

We use project management to advise clients and manage files as a team. Our legal project management starts from the outset of our engagement with you – upon request, we prepare a budget and workplan as a part of our fee estimate. We work with clients to define a scope of work for your project or matter and then we break that scope into manageable milestones. We assign appropriate resources to undertake this work.

Firm Charter

At Procido LLP, we know change is the only constant. Because of this, we continually innovate to provide forward-looking and unique solutions to complex challenges. We aim to maintain equality within our firm and seek out clients who share this core value. We believe diversity of experience provides us with a broader perspective to see further into the future for our clients. We never cease pursuing opportunities to gain more knowledge and new expertise to assist our clients in staying ahead of their competitors.

Procido LLP lawyer Chad Eggerman is certified Project Management Professional and applies his knowledge of project management to benefit you and to lead teams in managing projects for you to be more efficient and save you money while increasing the quality of our deliverables to you.

We find it a bit sad that we need to state that at Procido LLP we are firm which uses project management to advise clients, but many law firms do not and instead rely on individual lawyers to manage files on their own and in silos. Procido LLP legal project management starts from the outset of our engagement with you – we prepare a Budget and Workplan as part of our fee estimate. We think through what work you need done and define a scope for that and then we break that scope up into management chunks with milestones to meet and then assign resources to undertake this works. It all sounds obvious, but is not widely adopted at law firms in Canada.