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Organizations with different types of people, diverse skillsets, and distinct perspectives and personalities provide better advice. Diversity facilitates the ability of advisors to be resilient to change and impart that resiliency to clients. Diversity allows Procido LLP advisors to examine problems from different angles in order to propose solutions our clients may not have realized were possible. We learn faster and we learn more by having different experiences and being open to different views. Everything we do at Procido LLP for our clients draws on the strengths of our diversity.


Our offices are fully integrated. Our structure is flat. We don’t think “external counsel” needs to, or should be, “external” at all – we strive to collaborate with you to deliver all aspects of our services. Everything we do at Procido LLP is collaborative – or we don’t do it.


“Out with the old, in with the new” is not only a call to action within Procido LLP; this is something we live everyday. The current environment and foreseeable future require clients and service providers to continually adapt to change. Procido LLP is always innovating for our clients. If they fall behind, we are always there to pick them up.

Everything we do at Procido LLP and for our clients recognizes one thing: change is the only constant. Everything we do at Procido LLP aims to put us and you at the forefront of innovation. 


The term “procido” is Latin for “collapse” – which is exactly what our firm intends to do. Each member of Procido LLP aims to treat every other member as equals – not subordinates. Procido LLP is a flat organization and avoids hierarchy and autocratic decision-making structures and processes. Equality within our organization means we can provide more responsive and relevant advice to clients because members of our firm are not incentivized to hoard work or client relationships. Everything we do internally at Procido LLP must maintain equality between our team and with you.


Every member of our firm shares a common desire: to never cease learning. We are proud to be life-long learners. We are never ashamed to say we don’t have the answer and grateful for the opportunity you give us to gain more expertise. You benefit from our collective bank of knowledge which never stops growing. Everything we do at Procido LLP contributes to our never-ending pursuit of knowledge and expertise.

Mutual Respect

All of our internal and external communications are always done with respect. The ability to respectfully communicate is a core expertise each member of Procido LLP must possess and exercise at all times. We seek clients who share our core value of mutual respect in communications. We also respect process at Procido LLP. We are always changing and innovating but are mindful that other processes may be happening which first have to conclude before a new process is initiated.


Because we accept that change is the only constant, we remain flexible and resilient even (and especially) during challenging times for our clients.

Procido LLP lawyer Chad Eggerman is certified Project Management Professional and applies his knowledge of project management to benefit you and to lead teams in managing projects for you to be more efficient and save you money while increasing the quality of our deliverables to you.

We find it a bit sad that we need to state that at Procido LLP we are firm which uses project management to advise clients, but many law firms do not and instead rely on individual lawyers to manage files on their own and in silos. Procido LLP legal project management starts from the outset of our engagement with you – we prepare a Budget and Workplan as part of our fee estimate. We think through what work you need done and define a scope for that and then we break that scope up into management chunks with milestones to meet and then assign resources to undertake this works. It all sounds obvious, but is not widely adopted at law firms in Canada.