Cost Certainty.

We work with our clients to determine the best fee arrangements for the legal and advisory services they require. We are very flexible on fee arrangements; our goal is for you to have cost certainty.

Fee Estimate

We understand that most clients have budgets they need to meet – so do we. For all clients, we start by preparing and agreeing on a budget and workplan. We then determine a fee arrangement and fee estimate that work best for our clients.

Fixed Monthly Fees

Do you have a project, transaction or dispute resolution process coming up that will require a few consecutive months of significant legal or advisory services? We can tailor a fixed monthly fee for you to complete the project, transaction or dispute resolution.

Flat Fees

A flat fee for legal services means that you pay a fixed fee for a specific deliverable or scope of work – no overcharging and no surprises. We offer many legal services for flat fees and have established tariffs for certain commercial and litigation work. Under some circumstances, our flat fees may be payable on certain milestones or under a traditional contingency arrangement.

Procido Fixed Annual Fee (PFAF)

Are you tired of receiving, reviewing, correcting, reissuing and paying various legal bills for different matters, sometimes from different lawyers, in different offices in different law firms? We have a solution for that. Pay one fixed fee once per year for the majority of your typical corporate/commercial and litigation work. Read on see if our PFAF is right for you.

Hourly Fees

While we prefer other billing models, we know that for some situations simply billing out whatever time is spent working is the best fee arrangement for a client or discrete task. Each of our lawyers has been assigned a billable hourly rate and can work at that rate for however long you want.