Whether you are starting your career with us or are an experienced professional we offer competitive compensation. We also offer a variety of unique compensation arrangements for different positions within the firm.

Work where you want

Work from home, in office or both. We currently have office space in Saskatoon, Calgary, Winnipeg and Toronto, but we have the tools and resources to support remote work from anywhere in Canada.

Billable Hour Targets

Billable hour targets… we don’t have them. We seek lawyers that are self-motivated and want to encourage other aspirations, goals, and objectives they would like to meet in their life, and we want to support them to do that. Our experience tells us that people like this make better advisors.


Having been lateral hires ourselves, we understand the challenges of integration. Procido LLP is built on collaboration and innovation, and this means that laterals engage immediately with firm clients.


We support all those in our firm who want to take the time they need with their children, either through a formal maternity or paternal leave or through another arrangement. We understand that throughout the traditional workday parents need to come and go at different times or work remotely and we support this. We also support those with “fur babies” and welcome them into our office. We are happy to accommodate life events for those members of your family that are important to you.