What are Structured Team Members?

At Procido LLP we understand some highly qualified and specialized professionals do not aspire to work on a permanent full-time basis – you prefer the variety and flexibility of independent contract work. Our Structured Teams Roster is designed to accommodate independent contractors who want to work on a temporary basis and only on certain projects, transactions, or dispute resolution processes. Structured Team Members are typically very experienced professionals who have had their qualifications reviewed in advance by Procido LLP. Many Structured Team Members have worked together with Procido LLP lawyers in the past on projects, transactions, and dispute resolution processes and have offered to be contracted by Procido LLP to provide similar future services. Structured Team Members are not employees, Associates, or Partners of Procido LLP – they are prospective independent contractors to Procido LLP. Although initially there is no contract between Procido LLP and Structured Team Members, Structured Team Members consent to Procido LLP marketing your expertise publicly to existing and prospective clients.

As a Structured Team Member, will I only be working with other Structured Team Members?

No. You may be working with other Structured Team Members, but not exclusively. In most cases all structured teams will be organized and lead by Chad Eggerman on projects and transactions or Troy Baril on dispute resolution processes. The Structured Team may also be supported by other Procido LLP Partners, Associates, legal professionals, and support staff. The intent of the Structured Team is for Procido LLP to bring together specialized independent contractors to complete a specific task for a Procido LLP client. At the conclusion of such task, the particular Structured Team will be disbanded. Therefore, the people Structured Team Members work with will vary.

As a Structured Team Member, am I obligated to accept all work?

No. There is no obligation to accept any work you do not want to do. Whether you take on any work is entirely at your sole discretion. Procido LLP will interface between clients and Structured Team Members to put in place the best team for a particular project, transaction, or dispute.

Structured Team members typically work for a client on a particular project, transaction, or dispute resolution process which has a set start date and end date – this can vary from a few hours of work to many months. Whether you are a busy single mother, committed farmer, semi-retired, or avid global traveler, if you have the right qualifications and experience we want to hear from you.

Where can Structured Team Members work?

Structured Team members can work from our Saskatoon, Calgary, Winnipeg, or Toronto office space, from home or a home office remotely, a combination of remote and in-office, and sometimes at a client’s office – depending on the particular project, transaction, or dispute resolution process. Private office space is available in Saskatoon but is shared in Calgary, Winnipeg and Toronto. Structured Team Members have access to meetings rooms in all locations.

Does a Structured Team Member have to provide their own tools to work?

Yes. As an independent contractor Structured Team Members must provide their own tools such as laptops, mobile phones, and any other tools required to do the work. Structured Team Members are also responsible for their own insurance or to obtain insurance required by the Procido LLP client, prior to commencing work. Additionally, as an independent contractor Structured Team Members are responsible for your own compliance with any applicable laws, regulations, and rules of your profession. You will also be solely responsible to make decisions on your own behalf and be responsible for such decisions. You will be required to enter into a Structured Team Member Agreement (STMA) to reflect this allocation of risk and liability.

Does a Structured Team Member have access to Procido LLP client files?

No. A Structured Team Member will only have access to information relevant to the Procido LLP client project, transaction, or dispute resolution process which the Structured Team Member is working on. Confidentiality obligations in compliance with all law society and other applicable self-governing professional rules will be strictly adhered to in all cases.

How are Structured Team Members compensated?

Once Procido LLP identifies a project, transaction, or dispute resolution process for a client suitable for a specific Structured Team Member, Procido LLP and the Structured Team Member will enter into an STMA. Depending on circumstances and timing, the STMA may be conditional on Procido LLP entering into a Procido Structured Teams Agreement (PSTA) or our standard form retainer agreement with a client for a specific project or transaction. The STMA is a standard form contract which includes a “pay when paid” clause, that obligates Procido LLP to pay the Structured Team Member only when the client pays Procido LLP. The amount of compensation the Structured Team Member receives will be in alignment with the amount of compensation Procido LLP receives from the client for undertaking and completing the entire project, transaction, or dispute resolution process and based on the skills and experience of the Structured Team Member. Procido LLP may mark up the Structured Team Members fees as compensation for management services provided. In most cases, the Structured Team Member’s fees will be noted as a disbursement on the Procido LLP client’s invoice. If requested by the Procido LLP client, other forms of contract structures may be used as well. There are no fees payable if you are accepted as a Procido LLP Structured Team Member.

Can Procido LLP clients contract directly with Structured Team Members?

Yes. If it makes the most sense for an existing Procido LLP client to contract directly with a Structured Team Member, Procido LLP can assist the client and the Structured Team Member to do that in order to ensure the project, transaction, or dispute resolution process is completed or resolved as efficiently as possible. In this situation an STMA and PSTA are not necessary – Procido LLP just makes the necessary introductions and provides the support to facilitate whatever agreement is desired between the client and Structured Team Member. Procido LLP and the Structured Team Member will coordinate their respective work with each other as required by the mutual client.

How do I become a Structured Team Member?

To be included on our Structured Team Roster, we are generally seeking professionals such as lawyers, engineers, accountants, architects and doctors who are: (i) fully qualified in any Canadian jurisdiction with at least 5 years of post-qualification experience; (ii) preferably with a focus in a particular industry or practice area; and (iii) if not an engineer, with a particular technical expertise or technical skill. Our renewable energy group is seeking land agents for site acquisition, engineers for facility design, financial advisors for modeling and project managers to drive projects forward. We always value and prefer those with diverse life experiences or perspectives. However, we’re open to hear from all those interested who have a skillset which can be integrated into the innovative Procido LLP legal services delivery model. We maintain a limited number of independent contractors on our Structured Teams Roster at any given time and members of the roster are regularly added and removed, so feel free to contact us anytime. Please submit your qualifications by email to admin@procido.com, with the subject line “Structured Team Member Application”, which we will review and may contact you for an interview or additional references.