Potash Mine Owners:

Procido LLP lawyers have acted for some of the largest global mining multinationals on development of some of the largest potash mines in the world. Procido LLP lawyers have also acted in the development of the first new solution potash mines to be built in Saskatchewan. Over the years we have acted for other big potash miners as well. However, some of the most meaningful work we have done in the potash industry is in acting for Indigenous groups and the new breed of small sustainable potash miners. We see this as the future; we understand that big is not always better – especially when it comes to greenfield mining projects. In addition to advising on the project structuring and development of the next generation of small sustainable potash mines in Saskatchewan, we welcome the opportunity to advise other Indigenous groups on equity, royalty or benefits, participation in potash projects. Subject to clearing conflicts, Procido LLP acts for mine owners on both the front-end of contract development and back-end of dispute resolution.

Potash Mine Contractors & Suppliers:

Leveraging our depth of experience working for the big potash miners in Saskatchewan, we also advise contractors, subcontractors, suppliers, consultants and engineers, and the many others in Saskatchewan, Canada, Germany, Europe, and around the world that provide goods and services to the big potash miners. Our expertise in the potash industry includes front-end contract negotiation, drafting, and execution as well as back-end dispute resolution. Whether you are a key equipment supplier in Munich, Germany or a 1-person cleaning company in Black Lake, Northern Saskatchewan – Procido LLP can help you level the playing field when working with the big potash miners in contract negotiations and drafting or settlement discussions.