Procido LLP has advised some of the largest multinational miners in the world on ESG targets for very large projects. Procido LLP also brings unique experience advising Indigenous groups on their service delivery related to ESG. Indigenous groups are often overlooked when clients are setting ESG targets, but Procido LLP can bring Indigenous perspectives to the forefront in determining the “S” in ESG.

Procido LLP has set its own ESG targets, namely:

  1. 45/10/45 gender target for all people working in any capacity with Procido (45% of all Procido people are women, 10% identify as other than women or men, 45% are men) – we know we are not there yet, but we are working hard on meeting this target;
  2. 25% Indigenous staff target.
  3. 25% newcomer lawyer target. By “newcomers” we mean any lawyer not born in Canada. We are meeting this target now and look to exceed it in the future and increase the percentage. 

As a client of Procido LLP you are entitled to rely on us to meet your own ESG targets. For each Procido client we will tailor documentation outlining our ESG targets above, and our progress on meeting them, which you can use as required. Working with Procido LLP means you are meeting your own ESG targets. Contact us today to hear more about how we can work together on ESG.