We anticipate that one of the more popular services Procido LLP will provide to project owners and developers will be the Procido Project Permit Checklist (PPPC). The PPPC, as the name suggests, is a checklist tailored to your specific project. Procido LLP will review your project, research, and analyze all permits required; we will then include all those permits in a checklist. Our legal skills and legal qualifications ensure the PPPC is accurate and reliable and does not overlook critical laws or legislation. The PPPC can be provided by way of a flat fee with deadline. For an increased price, Procido LLP can add additional detail to the PPPC such as: (i) prioritizing each permit in terms of when it is required to be obtained in order to comply with the project plan; (ii) the average length of time which will be required to obtain the specific permit; and/or, (iii) specific references to the relevant provisions in the law or regulation requiring the permit. Contact Procido LLP today to get a quote on your PPPC.