Kimberly Duval (she/her)

Corporate Lead and Senior Corporate Paralegal
+1 306 380 7725 (mobile)

Kimberly Duval is our Corporate Department Lead and Senior Corporate Paralegal in the Saskatoon office.  Kimberly brings over 13 years of experience and knowledge working with provincial, federal, and non-profit corporations in the areas of M&A, reorganizations, amalgamations, continuances, incorporations, dissolutions, revivals and other corporate services.

Kimberly also brings her skills and knowledge regarding extra provincial registrations and amendment filings across Canada, working with other provincial corporate registries under the NWPTA and MRAS requirements.

Highly proficient working in a digital/paperless environment to prepare and maintain corporate documents and minute books within various database programs including ALF, Enact and Athennian.

Cores Level 1, 2, & 3 accredited in the Province of Alberta Corporate Registry.

In-depth knowledge in both SK & AB Land Title Registries in relation to caveats, discharges, liens, bankruptcy, renewals, amendments, encumbrances, subleases and more.