Date: TBD

Time: 9am CST – 12pm CST

Cost: $1,500 CAD per person (women, Indigenous, and newcomers (i.e. immigrated to Canada in the past 3 years) are free)

Location: The Saskatoon Club, 417 – 21st Street East, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada

Registration: through Eventbrite – if you want to pre-register send an email to


  • What are carbon credits? Are carbon credits valuable? Can carbon credits be a diversified revenue stream for farmers and ranchers?
  • What equipment on farms can be electrified and how?
  • What projects can farmers and ranchers consider now to electrify farms? Is solar and wind the only types of power projects that can be implemented on farms?
  • How are solar and wind projects developed, built and operated on farms? What are the benefits of solar and wind projects on farms?
  • Can farmers contract with an IPP to purchase renewable energy to power farms? Can farmers own their own renewable power generation? What are the important contracts involved in generating renewable energy on farms?
  • How is electricity generation regulated? What do farmers need to tell their MLAs/MPPs to change in order to support the electrification of farms?
  • What is the role of utilities in agricultural renewable energy projects?
  • How do agricultural renewable energy projects vary from province to province?
  • PFAF Model for farmers