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Aurra Sing

Director of Good Vibes, Eater of Treats, Bounty Hunter

Aurra Sing is the canine member of our Procido Team. Aurra hails from a farming family just outside Winnipeg where her parents were herding dogs on a sheep farm. Aurra prefers the office life where she can get lots of pets, but mostly lots of treats.

Here at Procido LLP, we are a pet friendly firm. We welcome and support those with “fur babies” and welcome them into our office.

Practice Areas

Aurra Sing is the head of our wellness department.  She enjoys roaming the office and bringing happiness to all who meet her, although her preferred activities are chasing her ball and eating treats. 

Community Involvement and Volunteer Experience

Aurra Sing contributes to the community by spreading good vibes and bringing smiles to people’s faces.